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Looking At The Front Of Our House


The picture to the left shows the front of our house. You can only see part of the house because there are a lot of trees and bushes in the yard. It sort of looks like a California ranch-style or bungalow house and is heated with a great German invention called fussbodenheizung. Fussbodenheizung means floor heating and it works by having hot water pipes under the tile floor throughout the house. The heat from the pipes warms the tiles and that warms the house - it is very toasty and makes the feet feel great!


The View From Our Balcony


The picture to the right shows the view from our balcony. Our village is in a valley, and we live on one of the small hills so we are able to look out over the village. The tower near the center of the picture is the village's main church. Across the street there is a small community center which has a parking lot and that is where the town's fests are usually held.




Another View Of Linden


This is a picture of our village from a different hill. We don't know how many people live here but it is very small. The tower in the middle is the main church again.




Here Is Some Of Our New Furniture



This picture shows some of our new dining room furniture. This is our buffet, the end of our dining room table and some of the chairs. We also got a sideboard and a trunk to go with the set. The set is made of nice hard wood and we plan to have a lot of people over to help us break it in!

More Pictures Of Our House & Village