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Happy Birthday!


After leaving the base, we went to Linda's for an experiment involving Brazilian spirits and Lime smashers before going out for dinner at a Greek restaurant. In Germany it is considered bad luck to wish someone Happy Birthday before the big day, but fortunately nobody was superstitious. So, Julie Anne and Karen were treated to a dessert that actually came to the table with fire shooting out of it. This picture was taken just after the fireworks stopped.




21, 12 + 1


This picture was taken after we discovered that all of these people (except one - can you say voodoo powered crazy devil drinks?) have birthdays on the 12th or 21st of various months. It seemed significant at the time. Left to Right: Librarian6, Otto, Mushov Tizhue, Moneypenny, Ivana Likyu.




Tank Girls



Some of the tank girls. Left to Right: Librarian6, Moneypenny, Amanda Huggenkiss, and Ivana.







Just after dessert. Counterclockwise: Moneypenny, Ivana, Warriorette6, Phil McKrackin.





Below: Us with Moneypenny and Jaws.

What a great day - Tanks Again Jaws!




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